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Daisy & Garnet

Scrublands Sensory Rice - Eucalyptus scented

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A gorgeous blend of green and brown rice with a scattering of dried bay leaf and eucalyptus scent from Happimess Australia. Eucalyptus is known to relieve cold like symptoms and stress, which makes this rice perfect for little one’s with the sniffles.

The pack contains 4 cups of Scrublands Sensory Rice and is packaged in a kraft zip lock pouch which can be used to store the rice when it is not in use. Lovingly handmade using rice, vinegar, food grade colours and scents.

Please note Happimess work hard to produce consistent colours, however, there could be slight variations to what you see on the screen.

BENEFITS OF SENSORY RICE PLAY: When your child is busily using their hands to feel, scoop, pour, scrunch and pinch they are building nerve connections in their brain, developing fine motor skills, expanding their vocabulary, undertaking scientific and mathematical thinking and expanding their problem solving skills. Sensory play is a mindful activity which helps to promote calmness and reduce anxiety which is beneficial for all children.

**PLEASE NOTE: Happimess can not guarantee that there are no traces of nuts or other allergens in their products.

** Recommended for 9+ months and adult supervision required. Although it may smell delicious and is taste-safe, it is not intended for consumption.


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