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Daisy & Garnet

Emotions Story Tellers

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Feelings can be tricky! Help your child articulate their feelings by learning to name and recognise them. These emotional story tellers can assist children in connecting their feelings to a visual to make putting their feelings into words just that little bit easier!

How to use them:

  • When your child is having a hard time articulating how they feel, use these as a prompt to support them 
  • Play games by naming the emotion and pulling faces to match the emotions on the discs
  • Add them to a 'calm down corner / space' to help identify how your child is able to  move through emotions to a more positive and calm state 

Product Information:

  • 15 pieces
  • Made from timber
  • Each disc is 5cm wide
  • Recommended for children 3+ years of age
  • Set comes in a stamped and named calico drawstring bag