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Daisy & Garnet

Happy Little People Activity Cards: The First 12 Months

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Developmental Benefits:  Bonding & Trust, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Development, Auditory & Language Skills, Sensory Play & Awareness, Exploration

The Gift of Play!

Babies are wonderfully curious by nature, but many parents struggle with how to best support their baby’s development. Happy Little People ™ solve this problem with researched backed, high-quality intentional play prompts. Designed to spark play and hit parents with their daily dose of confidence and inspiration all in a handy card deck! 

Happy Little People™: The First Year is a great starting point for parents who need a boost of inspiration; it’s an introduction to the Happy Little People ™  System and gives you a new activity a week for 52 weeks. 

These 52 meaningful, development-promoting and bonding activities enhance your baby's awake time so you no longer have to worry about whether you’re doing enough, or the right things, with your baby.

You simply choose an activity, set up in no time using everyday items from around your home and PLAY! You'll be inspired to put your own twist on the activities, as you and your baby find your own special ways to play! Then celebrate, knowing you have done something meaningful with your little one today. 

Happy Little People ™ activities have been thoroughly researched, tested on thousands of families and align with the Australian Early Years Framework. They cover a range of developmental skills including: bonding, creativity & curiosity, fine & gross motor skills, language & auditory development,  social & emotional skills and cognitive development. 

Their activities will empower you and give you the confidence that you have everything you need to support your little one's development & satisfy their needs beyond the basics of just keeping them fed, loved, clothed & alive!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Play!!