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Daisy & Garnet

'Bee Happy' Flower Seed Mix

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Get your little one involved in caring for our busy bees!

Bees are so important for a healthy ecosystem as they help pollinate our plants, including the plants for the food that we eat. However, in the urban environment bees these days often struggle to find the right flowers with the pollen and nectar that they need to survive. 

The native flower seed mix contains seeds for approximately 200 flowers of 8-10 different varieties and it also contains vermiculite, which aids seed germination in the ground.

This is such a fun and educational outdoor activity to do together with your little ones. Each set includes a double sided activity leaflet with instructions, as well as child - friendly information about bees. 

Flower seeds included in the mix:

- Calendula 
- Poppy
- Cornflower
- Borage
- Marigold
- Chrysanthemum
- Catnip
- Lavender
- Daisy
- Native violet

How to use:

Find a sunny spot in your garden and prepare the soil (remove weeds and stones). Spread the seed mix over the area, rake in the seeds and water regularly. Seeds will germinate after 4-10 days. Some perennial varieties may not flower until the second year, but will regrow every year and provide bee food for years to come. Continue to care for your flower patch and busy bees will soon find a food haven in your own backyard.